BROKEN HILL | 21-23 APRIL 2022

Covid Safe

Mask Up

Masks aren't required at the festival, but they are required on public transport (including our Broken Hill Shuttles) and also in our medical clinic. Bring one along just in case.

Covid Testing

There is no Covid-19 testing facility at the Bash. We encourage you to bring Rapid Antigen Tests, monitor for symptoms and leave the festival and return home by the most direct route if you test positive and you or a member of your group is able to safely drive home. If you are seriously unwell for any reason, our medical team is available to assist you.

What happens if I test positive at the festival?

We will have an isolation section with limited facilities at the back of the Bash site for those that are too unwell to drive; however, you and your close contacts will not be permitted to enter any other section of the site (e.g. plaza or concert area) if you do need to camp here.

Big Red Bash 2021 Covid Safe Event