Driving to the Mundi Mundi Bash

BROKEN HILL | 21-23 APRIL 2022

Getting to Broken Hill is all part of the journey, and there are so many places to go and things to see and do on the way! Visit NSW has some great Outback Road Trip Essentials to help you plan and prepare for your great adventure!

Know before you go

The roads around Broken Hill are some of the most heavily-policed highways in the state while the Bash is on. Police come from all over the western areas with RBTs and mobile speed cameras to keep the roads safe. Be smart. 

Plan your driving to be off the roads by sunset - it's not worth pressing on due to the risk of hitting roos or black cows wandering onto the road.

Take scheduled breaks every couple of hours - enjoy the local towns and hospitality to break your journey.

There may be special event speed limits and road closures in and around Broken Hill, Silverton and Mundiville. Don't count on your GPS - check road signs and keep an eye out for changed conditions.

Join the Travelling to the Mundi Mundi Bash Facebook group to connect with an awesome community of Mundi Bashers and share tips on routes, road conditions and planning for the Bash.

Driving on Outback Roads

Broken Hill is generally accessible by 2WD on sealed roads. If you are planning on driving on any dirt roads on your journey, it's wise to keep up to date with Local Road Conditions, particularly if there has been recent rain, or if it's on the forecast ahead. 

Outback roads can often be closed after local rain, however they will usually re-open reasonably quickly as well. Plan your route, have a few alternate routes up your sleeve in case your preferred route doesn't work out and if you can, leave a few days spare in case you need to make detours.

Use this summary site to check relevant councils on your route. (We have found this site has a good summary of all the links and contact numbers for all mainland states and territories of Australia.)

Safe Outback Driving 

Don't overtake in dusty conditions - you can't see what's ahead. If you come up behind a slower vehicle, hang back out of the dust, be patient or stop and take an early break and have a roadside cuppa.

If you come across a truck going the other way that's raising dust, slow down, get off the road, stop and wait until it's gone past.

Outback roads can be poorly cambered with a loose surface - even the straight sections have caused experienced drivers to come unstuck. Drive slower than normal - enjoy the outback scenery.

Don't forget to join the Travelling to the Mundi Mundi Bash Facebook group which is also a great place to find out more about road conditions and routes from fellow festival goers and travellers.

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We look forward to seeing you all arrive safely at the Bash!