Facilities at Mundiville Campground

BROKEN HILL | 21-23 APRIL 2022

We have to bring EVERYTHING with us to the Mundiville campsite. With Broken Hill over 35kms away and being in a relatively remote area, we’re limited in the facilities we can provide for campers. It’s all part of the experience at this outback music festival on the red dirt Mundi Mundi Plains.

Important note: it’s essential that you also read the Mundiville Site Rules, which outline various policies that are related to the below information.

Facilities that we DO provide

  • Toilets in the campground, plaza & concert area
  • Hand Sanitiser at all toilet blocks, plus stations in the plaza & concert area
  • Bins for concert area rubbish only in plaza and concert area
  • Recycling bins for aluminium cans, PET plastics and food waste.
  • Rubbish Drop-off at the Bash - each vehicle will be given a rubbish sticker for landfill. Bring your rubbish bag with the sticker attached to one of the Rubbish Drop-off areas located behind the Plaza (see the Festival Map for location details). Extra rubbish stickers are available for $10 at Merchandise checkout until 6pm on the 23rd April. Please minimise your waste and take all your extra camp rubbish home – don’t dump it in town. Rubbish Drop-off opening hours:
    • Thursday 21 April: 8am - 3pm
    • Friday 22 April: 8am to 3pm
    • Saturday 23 April: 8am to 6pm
    • Sunday 24 April: 6am to 3pm
  • Food vendors
  • Lighting near the concert area
  • Firewood - a limited supply is sold. For more information and to pre-order, email by 8pm, Thursday April 11, 2022.
  • Ice - a limited supply is sold on-site. To pre-order, email with how many bags you require and your arrival date.
  • There may be limited wifi available for purchase

Camping on Sunday 24th April?

If you’re camping an extra night on Sunday 24th April, please note that toilets will operate until midday Monday, however all other facilities, including food vendors, medical centre, firewood & ice, will not be available.

Facilities that we DON'T provide

  • Black water disposal (e.g. Toilet Cassettes) - nearest black water disposal - Broken Hill
  • Grey water disposal (eg. Dishwashing water, etc) - Grey water can be disposed of on your own campsite, in moderation.
  • Water
  • Lighting in campground & Day Parking (bring a torch)
  • Showers (nearest showers - Broken Hill)
  • Electricity
  • Fuel (nearest fuel - Broken Hill)
  • ATMs (bring cash - there’s limited-to-no credit card facilities at Mundiville)
  • Alcohol (BYO is allowed)
  • Phone reception

The Mundiville Site Rules outline essential information related to the campsite and facilities that we provide. Please take the time to read these before the event - some of the rules require forward planning before you leave home.