Vaccination Policy

BROKEN HILL | 21-23 APRIL 2022


In an Australian Music Industry first, The Outback Music Festival Group is today announcing a new “no jab, no jive” vaccination policy across our outback music festival events – the new Broken Hill Mundi Mundi Bash (April and August 2022), and the iconic Birdsville Big Red Bash (July 2022).

In the week that the inaugural Broken Hill Mundi Mundi Bash was originally scheduled to kick off, The Outback Music Festival Group are advising all current and future ticket holders, staff, volunteers, contractors and vendors that vaccination will be required to attend these events in 2022.

These events are staged in remote outback locations and are camping-based, operating over a period of up to five days and nights, with each event attracting a crowd of 10,000 music fans and outback travellers from all corners of Australia.

“The health and safety of our patrons, staff, volunteers, contractors as well as the local outback communities has always been and will continue to be the highest priority for the Outback Music Festival Group. Every decision related to the operation of the festivals is made with health and safety as an overriding consideration,” said Greg Donovan, founder and Managing Director of The Outback Music Festival Group.

“Staging festivals in such remote locations, where patrons come from all over Australia and travel through small regional and outback communities, many of which have large indigenous populations, has led us to carefully review our position on vaccinations.

“Whilst we respect the choice of individuals as to whether or not they decide to get vaccinated, due to the nature and location of our festivals we have decided to make vaccination a condition of attendance for everyone aged 16 and over - including patrons, staff, contractors, vendors and volunteers. This will offer all in attendance the best available protection against COVID-19. It will also ensure that remote communities are protected as much as possible from our patrons travelling through and visiting these towns and communities.” 

With vaccination roll-out a continued Government priority, it is expected that by the time the first Mundi Mundi Bash runs in April next year, everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have had the opportunity to do so.

“As an organisation we always strive to do everything within our power to ensure our festivals can be enjoyed safely by all those in attendance. Whilst this might impact some people's decision to attend the festivals, we know we’ve made the right decision to keep everyone, including small regional and outback communities, as safe as possible.

The Outback Music Festival Group became the only music promoters in Australia to stage a major, multi-day festival since COVID hit when they ran the Birdsville Big Red Bash event from July 6-8, 2021. The event was described as “the happiest place on earth” during the time that it ran.

“It feels like a miracle that we had this small magical window of time in which we were able to operate a COVID safe major event with 10,000 people in attendance in one of Australia’s most remote locations. The logistics and preparation that went into making that happen were extraordinary - from rapid COVID testing onsite provided by Pathology Queensland, to extreme social distancing measures and artist bubbles”, said Greg Donovan.

Since then however the Delta variant has come through and really made it impossible for any event producer to operate until vaccination levels are higher. This is the advice coming from our expert health professionals, and that’s one of the reasons we’re taking this ‘no jab, no jive’ approach. If any of our patrons, staff, contractors, vendors or volunteers are sitting on the fence about vaccination, we hope this gives them a good incentive to get the jab. The live music industry has been absolutely crippled, impacting the livelihoods of so many people from artists, production crew, festival staff, vendors, suppliers and more. We need to do our bit to help promote and advocate for vaccination, so we can all get back to doing what we love.” 

“In addition, our festivals inject much needed tourism spending into a broad area of Australia’s outback and regions, which in 2022 is expected to be in excess of $35 million. We also feel a huge sense of responsibility to ensure our festivals can operate safely so this vital tourism spending is maintained”.

Vaccination verification procedures will be advised to ticket holders in due course.

New tickets for the April 2022 Bash will be made available later in the year, pending finalisation of refunded tickets.