Volunteer Overview

BROKEN HILL | 21-23 APRIL 2022

Volunteering at the Mundi Mundi Bash is a great way to get involved behind the scenes at this brand new music festival. It is also a more affordable means of attending the Bash while getting to meet loads of like-minded people. With close to 20 different volunteer teams, you are sure to find something that appeals to your interests, skills and work experience.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Mundi Mundi Bash, please read the following before completing your application.

Please be aware that due to the remote nature of the event, we will only be accepting volunteers 18 years and over.

Check out some of these testimonials from past volunteers to our Birdsville Big Red Bash festival:

"Brilliant experience! I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks for the opportunity. " - Greg

"We volunteered for the first time this year and didn't know what to expect. We were always made to feel like valuable members of the Big Red team and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this whole experience to family and friends." - Cathy

"Volunteering brings a whole new aspect to the experience of a music festival. Camping with other volunteers is great too. There is a feeling of comradery in knowing we are all helping to make this incredible event happen. I enjoyed getting there days before the festival began and watching a pile of materials grow into a small party town.

"The event is so well organised by a fantastic crew who obviously love their work. Everything was well explained, and they really cared that volunteers were prepared for the job they were doing. The punters aren't shy in showing their appreciation for volunteers either. It was going to be a one-off for me but it's too good. I'll be back." - Paula

And click here to read this fantastic and informative blog post from a 2018 Birdsville Big Red Bash volunteer and click here for another great and detailed blog post from a 2019 Birdsville Big Red Bash volunteer.

General Info

The concert venue is 40km west of Broken Hill on the edge of the Mundi Mundi Plains. There is no electricity, mobile phone reception or town water. There will be food stalls selling food while the concert is operating and we provide toilets at the camping area.

What you can expect from us

  • A ticket to the three days of the concert PLUS early entry camping.
  • Early access to the Merchandise store, before patrons arrive on site.
  • Opportunity to be part of a brand new event in Outback NSW.
  • A camping spot in the volunteer area.
  • A free crew T-shirt, cap, glossy printed program and tube bandana.
  • A post event thank you with nibblies and a drink
  • Thorough training in your role and room for growth to other positions in future years.

Volunteers are fully supported by our professional team of event organisers which includes qualified risk and safety experts, a qualified electrician and professional production crew.

You can view more information about your role as a volunteer here.

Being Prepared

Due the nature of the event, in particular its remote location our volunteers need to be self-sufficient for the duration of your time camping at Mundiville. These are the things you will need to consider;

Volunteering with children and youth

If you are volunteering and plan to bring your kids and teens along to the Bash with you, you will need to buy tickets for them - children 11 years and under are free, however a ticket for each child needs to be booked. We'll let you know how to do this during your application process. Most volunteer positions are not suitable to have your children alongside you during your shifts. Please take this into account if you are volunteering, and ensure that you have adequate care for your child/ren during your shifts.


See our Transport Options page for a number of ways to get to the Mundi Mundi Bash.

You need to be self-sufficient for your own transport on site. We anticipate that most volunteers will have their own cars – and for some shifts it is a requirement (the application pages will outline which shifts require your own vehicle).

You can find other volunteers via our Facebook Volunteer Group and make contact about car-pooling, however it is not guaranteed you will find an appropriate person to carpool with.

You may or may not already know that once vehicles are inside the campsite there is a strict no driving policy. Volunteers who need to drive to get to their shift will be exempt from this and will be provided with a car pass.


You need to bring your own camper, van, tent, swag or similar. Once you arrive at the event, you will be directed to the volunteers camping area within the event grounds.


You need to be self-sufficient for your own food, water and camping supplies. There are supermarkets in Broken Hill but you probably won't want to be doing trips into town between your volunteer shifts and enjoying the festival. You'll also need to abide by the no driving policy while camping onsite. If you intend to purchase food from the food vendors onsite, please take into consideration the wait times for queuing and food preparation. It won't be possible to go to the food vendors during your volunteer shifts, so you'll need to be sufficiant for water and food. Please visit our FAQs for more information.

Ready to continue?

Existing ticket holders are not entitled to refunds on their tickets, so please consider this carefully before applying for a volunteer role.

To apply to volunteer visit our Volunteer Application Portal.